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Ft. Mott, NJ (23-24 June 2007)

On 23-24 June 2007, the Army Ground Forces Association (AGFA), in conjunction with the New Jersey State Park Service, hosted "Coast Defenses Day". The event was focused on equipment activation, training and drill at Fort Mott in preparation for the September 1941 Army Maneuvers (war games).

The members of AGFA participating were Andy Grant, Shawn Welch, Larry Winchell, Peter Morrill, Luis Ramos, Sara Pompper, Curtis Saunders, Doug Houck, Rick Stauber, Kieran Fletcher, and Bolling Smith. The Fort Delaware Society and the Salem Light Artillery attended and provided additional historic context to the event.

Preparations began on the 21st and 22nd of June. In the photo below, Privates Saunders and Morrill arrive in PVT Saunders's Ford Model A.


For the event, several new items were showcased for the first time. One was a projectile cart as shown in the group photo below. On loan to Fort Mott State Park from the US Army Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe, this item provides an outstanding visual example of the types of major tools used to load the 12-inch guns of Battery Arnold.

The newly restored slate power distribution switchboard shown in the photo below powered the Fire Control Telephone system. The slate switchboard is to the left of the wood cased BD-75 fire control switchboard


There were a total of three main stations open to the public. The restored fire control tower was manned by Privates Morrill and Saunders as shown in the photos below. The C1 tower was manned by the Group Commander's detail and managed the fire of all batteries from Ft. Mott, Ft. Delaware and Ft. Dupont.


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