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Fort Hancock Workday at Battery Gunnison/New Battery Peck - 24 February (12pm to 4:30pm)

7 April – Fort Hancock Workday Battery Gunnison/New Battery Peck (12pm to 4:30pm)

7 April - Fort Hancock Ladies Tea - History House (Time TBA)

Harbor Defense Lantern Tour – 18 May 2018 (meet at 6:30 PM at Fort Hancock Museum)

Coast Defense Days – 20 May 2018 (12:00 PM to 4:30 PM at Battery Gunnison/New Peck)

Events (Full Interpretive Displays)

None scheduled at this time...

Events (Limited Interpretative Displays) 1-3 members

Easton Heritage Days – 8 July 2018 (http://heritageday.org/)


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